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Columbia University Shoulder Fellowship

March 29, 2017

The fellowship match for the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgery is quickly approaching - offering 42 fellowship positions. We are looking forward to another successful match of 2 fellows at the Columbia University Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship. The Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons has earned a reputation as one of the leading academic orthopedic departments in the nation. As one of the first orthopedic training programs in the country, our rich tradition in orthopedic surgery dates back to 1866 when the New York Orthopaedic Dispensary—later named the New York Orthopaedic Hospital— opened its doors. Since that time, the department has grown into a preeminent center for quality patient care, research, and education.

The Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship founded in 1977 by Dr. Charles S. Neer, II, and honored as the first and most prestigious in the world, our service has been responsible for training over 100 fellows from across the country and around the world. Among our alumni are many of the leading figures in the Shoulder and Elbow community, including fellowship directors, chiefs of service, and department chairs.

 Members of the Columbia Shoulder Society, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2013

Today, the Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine division has developed into one of the finest training programs in the world. Our fellows participate in all aspects of clinical care – including skill development in private office hours with emphasis on physical exam proficiency, MRI interpretation, and optimal treatment plan recommendations. All aspects of shoulder and elbow are cared for by our service – arthroscopy, trauma, and arthroplasty. The Shoulder fellow will be accredited as an ASES fellowship, non-ACGME, and credentialed as an attending surgeon, capable of operating independently within the NYP-Columbia hospital system. In addition, our fellows stay on top of innovative and cutting edge procedures to broaden their scope of practice and enhance their competitive hiring potential.

With mentorship and advising our fellows take preeminent jobs in the Shoulder and elbow market. Please see our recent graduate experiences:

Ian Byram, MD, CSES Fellow 2011-2012, CSES Fellow 2011-2012, Vanderbilt Bone and Joint (“Privademic”)

“Mentorship is perhaps the most important aspect of fellowship, and the guidance provided at Columbia is unparalleled. The limited number of fellows combined with enthusiastic faculty creates a strong relationship that continues long after fellowship. CSES provides exposure to a variety of surgical cases and didactic teaching, improving both surgical skills and clinical problem-solving. The research infrastructure and staff enable fellows to initiate and execute meaningful research even in a short period of time. I continue to stay in close touch with Dr. Levine and Dr. Ahmad about challenging cases, career advice, and personal life. The family atmosphere at the Columbia fellowship alumni gatherings is what makes these events so enjoyable.”

Julianne Marvin Munoz, MD, CSES Fellow 2015-2016, Current: University of Miami, Miami FL

“My attendings at the Columbia Shoulder and Elbow fellowship were pivotal in helping me secure my first job. When I explained my career goals to the Columbia faculty, Drs. Ahmad, Jobin and Levine called my top choice academic practice within the week. I had an interview a few weeks thereafter. I can unequivocally say I would not have my current job without the Columbia Shoulder fellowship and the help and guidance from my attendings at Columbia.”

We invite you to learn more about our fellowship by visiting this link.

Here is a list of our fellows from the Columbia Shoulder Fellowship:

1977 – 1978 Louis U. Bigliani, MD

Chairman Emeritus

Columbia University

NYOH, New York, NY

1977 – 1978 Craig Foster, MD

Danbury, CT

1978 – 1979 Steven McIlveen, MD

Paramus, NJ

1978 – 1979 Lloyd Barnard, MD

East Providence, RI

1979 – 1980 Keith Watson, MD

Fort Worth, TX

1980 – 1981 Francis Mendoza, MD

Lenox Hill Hospital

New York, NY

1981 – 1982 Edward Craig, MD, MPH

Surgeon Emeritus

The Hospital for Special Surgery New York, NY

1982 – 1983 Jose Perez Sanz, MD

Chicago, IL

1983 – 1984 John Brems, MD

The Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, OH

1983 – 1984 Thomas Fithian, MD

Newport News, VA

1984 – 1985 Dave Morrison, MD

Long Beach, CA

1984 – 1985 William Seitz, MD

Beachwood, OH

1984 – 1985 Edward Self, MD

Ridgewood, NJ

1985 – 1986 Peter McCann, MD

Beth Israel South

1986 – 1987 Anthony Brown, MD

Wightington, England

1986 – 1987 Evan Flatow, MD

Chairman, Orthopedic Surgery,

Chief, Shoulder Service

Mt. Sinai Medical Center

New York, NY

1986 – 1987 Osvandre Lech, MD

Chief, Shoulder Service

Passo Fundo, Brazil

1987 – 1988 Craig Satterlee, MD

North Kansas City, MO

1987 – 1988 Robert Dalsey, MD

Haddonfield, NJ

1988 – 1989 Frances Cuomo, MD

Chief, Shoulder Service

Beth Israel North

New York, NY

1988 – 1989 Seth Miller, MD

Ortho & Neurosurg Specialists

Greenwich, CT

1989 – 1990 Frank Cordasco, MD

Hospital for Special Surgery

New York NY

1989 – 1990 George McCluskey, MD

Columbus, GA

1990 – 1991 Richard Fischer, MD

Hilliard, OH

1990 – 1991 Scott Steinmann, MD

Mayo Clinic

Rochester, MN

1990 – 1991 Efraim Deliz, MD

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

1991 – 1992 Roger Pollock, MD

Paramus, NJ

1991 – 1992 Gregory Nicholson, MD

Rush-Presbyterian Medical Center

Chicago, IL

1991 – 1992 Michelle Glasgow, MD

Sycamore, IL

1992 – 1993 Xavier Duralde, MD

Peachtree Orthopedic Clinic

Atlanta, GA

1992 – 1993 David Weinstein, MD

Southern Colorado Orthopedic

Colorado Springs, CO

1992 – 1993 Cathy Compito, MD

Beth Israel Medical Center

New York, NY

1993 – 1994 Mark Rodosky, MD

Chief, Shoulder Service

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

1993 – 1994 Timothy Codd, MD

Towson Orthopaedics Associates

Towson, MD

1994 – 1995 Alton Barron, MD

St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Ctr

New York, NY

1994 – 1995 Ken Yamaguchi, MD

Chief, Shoulder and Elbow

Washington Univ School of Med

St. Louis, MO

1995 – 1996 Patrick Connor, MD


Team Physician, Panthers

Charlotte, NC

1995 – 1996 William Levine, MD

Professor and Chairman

Chief, Center for Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine

Columbia University

New York, NY

1995 – 1996 Robert Wilson, MD

Rankin Ortho & Sports Med Ctr

North East Washington, D.C.

1996 – 1997 Julian Arroyo, MD

Puget Sound Orthop Surgeons

Lakewood, WA

1996 – 1997 Mark Miller, MD

Chesterfield, MO

1997 – 1998 Guido Marra, MD

Director, The Shoulder Service

Loyola University Medical Ctr

Maywood, IL

1997 – 1998 Chris Martin, MD

Salt Lake City, UT

1998 – 1999 Treg Brown, MD

Herrin, IL 62948

1998 – 1999 J. Michael Wiater, MD

William Beaumont Hospital

Royal Oak, MI

1999 – 2000 Michael Freehill, MD

Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists

Edina, MN

1999 – 2000 Theodore Blaine, MD

Chief, Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

Yale Orthopedics

New Haven, CT

2000 – 2001 Gregory Bauer, MD

Chief, Shoulder Service

Goldsboro Orthopaedic Assoc.

Goldsboro, NC

2000 – 2001 Anand Murthi MD

Chief of Shoulder, Elbow Surgery

Union Memorial Hospital

Team Physician, Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore, MD

2001 – 2002 Gregory Lervick, MD

Twin Cities Orthopaedics

Eden Prairie, MN

2001 – 2002 Raymond Carroll, MD

Cary Orthopaedics

Cary, NC

2002 – 2003 Walter Stanwood, MD

Plymouth Bay Orthopaedic

Duxbury, MA

2002 – 2003 Rolando Izquierdo, MD

Crystal Lake Professional Center

Crystal Lake, IL

2003 – 2004 Kevin Setter, MD

SUNY Upstate Medical College

East Syracuse, NY

2003 – 2004 Ilya Voloshin, MD

University of Rochester

Rochester, NY

2004 – 2005 Steven Goldberg MD

Physicians Regional Med Ctr

Naples, FL

2004 – 2005 Sean Bak MD

Poretta Ctr for Ortho Surgery

Novi, MI

2005 – 2006 John-Erik Bell, MD

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Ctr

2005 – 2006 Sara Edwards, MD

North Western University

Chicago, IL

2006-2007 Matthew Kippe, MD

New Bedford, MA

2007 – 2008 Aaron Covey, MD

Westport, CT

2007 – 2008 Maher Bahu, MD

Ortho Specialists of Oakland

2008 - 2009 Katherine Vadasdi, MD

Ortho & Neurosurg Spec

Greenwich, CT

2008 - 2009 Chad Marion, MD

Pacific Medical Center

Seattle, WA

2009-2010 Karen Boselli, MD

Concord Orthopedics

Concord, NH

2009-2010 R. Michael Greiwe, MD

Commonwealth Orthopaedics

Edgewood, KY

2010-2011 Stephanie Hsu, MD

Sports Medicine South

Lawrenceville, GA

2010-2011 Todd Moen, MD

The Carrell Clinic

Dallas, TX

2011-2012 Ian R. Byram, MD

Vanderbilt Bone & Joint

Franklin, TN

2011-2012 Hyun-Min (Mike) Kim, MD

Penn State Hershey Bone & Joint Institute

Hershey, PA

2012-2013 Okechukwu Anakwenze, MD

Kaiser Permanente

San Diego, CA

2012-2013 Jaicharan Iyengar, MD

Alpine Orthopaedic Medical Group

Stockton, CA

2013-2014 Eugene W. Brabston , MD

UAB Hospital

Birmingham, AL

2013-2014 Balazs Galdi, MD

Rutgers University

Newark NJ

2014-2015 Justin L. Hodgins, MD

St. Michael’s Hospital University of Toronto

Ontario Canada

2014-2015 David Kovacevic, MD

Yale University

New Haven,CT

2015-2016 Julie Munoz, MD

Univ Miami,

Miami, FL

2015-2016 Diego Villacis, MD

Northshore Orthopedic Institute

Chicago, IL

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