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Dr. Jeffrey A. Geller Featured in Reuters Health Article on Research into an Innovative Treatment for Prosthetic Joint Infections

August 15, 2017

Columbia Orthopedics Chief of Hip and Knee Reconstruction, Jeffrey Geller, MD, was featured in an article from Reuters Health about recently published research that could lead to an innovative treatment for patients who develop infections after joint replacement surgery. Here are Dr. Geller’s thoughts on how briefly exposing patients to alternating magnetic fields (AMF) may change how infections are treated:

“Once bacteria form around an implant, “antibiotics and even surgery to mechanically clean the implant are rendered useless,” which is why the two-step surgical process is needed, he told Reuters Health by email. “The entire process is extremely difficult and costly . . . The outcome after joint replacement infection is typically poor and never as good as the first-time replacement.”

“This technology may change that,” he said.

“I think some type of surgery will need to be done to wash/flush the bacteria away from the affected joint,” Dr. Geller continued. “If, however, the joint replacement itself can be maintained and not sacrificed/completely removed, that would provide a tremendous benefit to patients - meaning if a combination of AMF followed by surgical cleaning only could be done, it would dramatically change the principles we currently use to treat this devastating problem”<”

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